Saturday, 25 January 2014

SCCS cheat sheet

Source Code Control System is on old version control systems. It predates RCS which predates SVN. You can see how old it is now. Some companies still use in their legacy systems. To remind myself I have made a cheat sheet.
All commands start with a call to the sccs binary. For example "sccs edit".

Check out a new version of a file in SCCS

Just like uncheckout

Will get the latest file from the SCCS directory to your current location

Add a file to SCCS

This will remove all files in the current directory that you are able to retrieve again from SCCS. This is better then delete the file using a linux or unix command because you might delete files that are not under SCCS control.

check : Used in scripts. It returns a non zero exit status if a file is being edited. It will check what files are being edit in the current directory. For this command you have to be in the directory where the SCCS directory is. IT also provides more information than tell e.g user,version,date it was checked out

tell : Used on the command line to inform user if files are being edit in the current directory. It checks the SCCS directory for the information.

Will show the difference between the current version and previous version you specified.

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