Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Using openhab bluetooth binding on linux

OpenHab does not distribute the bluecove GPL library in the Bluetooth binding because it is GPL licensed. OpenHAB is EPL (Eclipse Platform License) which is friendly to business since they do not have to open source their own bindings.
You will get this error if you do not modify the Bluetooth binding:
To fix the problem follow these steps:
unjar the org.openhab.binding.bluetooth-1.4.0.jar bundle
change directory to lib

Download the blue cove GPL jar from here

Add the Bluecove GPL library in lib directory of the bundle along with the blue cove jar

Add the new library to manifest:
Bundle-ClassPath: .,lib/bluecove-2.1.1-SNAPSHOT.jar,lib/bluecove-gpl-2.1.0.jar
create the jar file with the original manifest file
jar -cvmf META-INF\MANIFEST.MF org.openhab.binding.bluetooth-1.4.0.jar *

This will solve your bluetooth problem.

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